The Story of the Báb

The Dawn of the Bahá'í Faith is attributed to the Message proclaimed by the Báb, a Manifestation of God Himself Who preceded Baha’u’llah just shortly before.  This movie, describing that sacred period in history is available on an external site.  The link to the trailer is shown below.  The full movie is also available for sale on Amazon Prime.

What Does the Báb Mean to Your Life?

Reflections on What the Personage of the Báb Means to Individuals

“The Bab, for me, is the Manifestation for this Age that brought fervor and passion to religious and social life in 19th Century society with impacts reverberating into today.  I love that the Letters of the Living came to find the Báb through dreams and visions.  For me, the Báb remains a symbol of how in turbulent times, extraordinary acts of incredible faith and devotion provoke societal transformation towards the betterment of the world. “ -Mike

"I am awed by the fact that He was just a youth when He received His Revelation and as a youth, he initiated a movement of dramatic events full of unbelievable spiritual power and historical significance. I now witness similar spiritual powers in the youth of today as they embody many of the spiritual qualities originally displayed by the followers of The Báb."  -Parisa


"Reading about The Báb and the events surrounding His life and death in “The Dawn Breakers,” a book recorded in real time on the early history of the Faith, had such a profound impact on me that I remember my exact thoughts to this day, that “there must be something here” that all these Bábís were willing to sacrifice their lives for. Recollecting this still brings tears to my eyes."  -Joyce

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