The earth is but one country, and mankind it's citizens. - Bahá'u'lláh

Bringing Together the Whole Human Family



All humanity comes from one loving Creator; limitless, all-knowing, all-powerful, all-merciful. As God’s creation, we can never understand God completely.  However, we can know God through studying the words and scriptures of His Messengers.



God has revealed Himself and will aways reveal Himself to man through  divine Messengers, Whose teachings address the requirements of the age in which they appear. Thus, religion continually evolves, and each particular religious system represents a stage in the evolution of humanity.



God has created us as one human family. Together, we are all citizens and caretakers of our planet. Every person is a noble and beautiful creation of God with a common purpose in life to draw closer to God, offering selfless service to each other with whom we share the planet.



The equality of women and men, the equality of all the peoples of our planet, regardless of ethnic backgrounds, national origins,  or social class is the pivotal point of the future. The full participation of all people in every field of human endeavor is an essential prerequisite to the stability of a world society, it's progress and success. 



Education must be accessible to all with priority to girls. Knowledge plays a central role in human life. The process of generating and applying knowledge lies at the heart of civilization and is fundemental in its advancement. 

Science and Religion


Science and religion are both legitimate sources of knowledge, each safeguarding the other. Science protects religion from becoming merely superstition and fanaticism, while religion protects scientific advancement from degrading into unbridaled materialism.

Investigation of Truth


Each of us has a moral responsibility to use our capacity of investigation and reason to continually search for the truth; There are no clergy in the Bahá’í Faith.



Prejudices of all types are obstacles to peace. Dominate in the world toady are Racial, Religious and Patriotic prejudices. As "Noble Beings", we must actively work to eradicate all forms of prejudice from our hearts via awareness and respect.



The governments of the world must eventually choose an international "auxiliary" language to be taught worldwide along with all mother tongues, preserving the unique and diverse cultures of our planet and enabling the world's diverse peoples to communicate effectively.

World Economy


The physical creation reflects the spiritual reality. The world's condition is a result of our thoughts and priorities. The issues conflicting the world economy are not solvable only by governmental laws and policies void of spiritual balance. Bahá'u'lláh's teachings  provides a framework which the worldwide Bahá'í community uses toward personal change.

Light to the World

   There is a story unfolding; a story of humanity’s progress through history, propelled by the teachings of Messengers of God Who have guided humanity through its stages of development. 

   Two hundred years ago, Bahá’u’lláh appeared bringing teachings for our world today. "Light to the World" provides a glimpse into accounts of people from diverse nations whose lives have been transformed by the teachings Bahá’u’lláh has brought to the world.